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Chop Chop Rotisserie

Weekly Promotions

Taco Tuesdays feature two slow roasted meat( beef, chicken or pork- changes every Tuesday) with fresh salsa for $6. Add a Modelo for $4.

Prime Rib Sundays!- Yes! Prime Rib dinner & you get to choose your sides on Sundays!


Lunch & dinner daily

Sunday- Thursday 11am-9pm

Friday -Saturday    11am-10pm



Served with rice or potatoes & side salad

Chicken with pineapple chimichurri       $13

Roasted shortribs with hoisin BBQ       $15

Miso Pork with chili-miso mayo             $13

Brussels sprouts with Thai vinaigrette  $11

Cauliflower with smokey vinaigrette      $11


Served with rice, kimchee peanuts, fresh herb mix & pickled vegetables

Chicken, pineapple chimichurri           $11

Shortribs, hoisin BBQ                          $13

Miso Pork, chili-miso mayo                  $11

Brussels Sprouts. Thai vinaigrette       $9

Cauliflower, smokey vinaigrette           $9

Sandwich - PITA WRAPS

Specific Pacific                                    $13   

Shortrib- Pickled Cucumber relish, Fresh herbs mix, hoisin bbq sauce

Chopchop Chomper                            $11

Miso pork-tomatoes, slaw, spring mix, fresh herb mix, chili-miso mayo

Waikiki wikiwiki                                     $11

Chicken- Ho Farms tomato chutney, pickled cucumber, fresh herb mix, pineapple jalapeno chimichurri

Cauliflower Power                                $9                      

Rotisserie cauliflower, Ho Farms tomatoes- slaw - spring mix


(on the side)                                         $1

Pineapple Jalapeno Chimichurri

Hoisin BBQ

Chili Miso Mayo        

Roasted Garlic Aioli     

SOUP                                                   $7

House-made soup of the Day


Chopchop chop salad                           $12

Pupukea greens, roasted corn, cauliflower, avocado, pickled cucumber, onion, tomatoes, pineapple, Lilikoi lime vinaigrette

 – add (2 oz)

Steak                                         $4.50

Chicken                                     $3

Pork                                           $3

Brussels                                    $2.50

Smoked Ahi Spread                  $4


Dripping potatoes                                  $5

Smoked mac and cheese                     $7

Rice                                                       $3

Rotisserie cauliflower                            $4

Roasted brussels sprouts                     $5


Side salad                                              $5

Li Hing lemon herb corn & quinoa         $5

Lemongrass lime mushroom salad       $7

Roasted beets                                        $7

 -yogurt, fresh herb mix & mac nut

Pickled veggies                                       $6

 -long beans, sweet peppers, carrots in gochujang sesame sauce